Sunday, November 02, 2008


Kickball, originally uploaded by richbrenner.

Sorry, in advance, for the bad pun...

In honor of kicking off this blog for the 2nd time, I thought I'd share about my kickball experiences last weekend. I signed up for a charity match, benefiting our local branches of the Boys & Girls Club.

I got there a little early and met the rest of the team, an assortment of teachers, coaches, and administrators. Other teams were made up of reps from local businesses, college student associations, and the like.

Much to our surprise, my team played our first two games exceptionally well, and we ended up making it into the championship round. The ref. called us over before the last game to suggest that we challenge the other team and win by default. Turns out, the team had been playing all day with one less female than the rules required. Since we were playing for charity, we decided to let the violation pass rather than win on a technicality. Turns out, the team was made up of kids from our local base, just out of basic training.

We didn't stand a chance. I won't report the score. What I will record here is how much fun we had, what a beautiful day it was, and how surprised I was that we got as far as we did. Way to go, team!

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