Monday, February 26, 2007


I think I've found my first craft idea for etsy. I'm making a note of it here so I remember. The patterns for these retro houses are from the book Vintage Christmas Crafts by Sara Toliver. ISBN #1-4027-2791-7. Su has some construction tips for them on her blog.

Update on the roadtrip: Ryan just called and asked me to drive up to Oxford this weekend to see the University Theatre Department's production of Noises Off. Cool.


Let me begin by stating the obvious: Madeline Kahn was a comic genius. This screen capture is from my all-time favorite movie scene. Do you recognize the movie?

It's one of those films I used to watch with friends - reciting the lines and laughing the whole time. It's right up there with Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Speaking of having a good time with friends, I'm just about dying to have an old skool road trip. If not to go camping, then at least a day trip to a concert. Heck, I'd settle for driving to Mobile for dinner at a decent restaurant. I just emailed a friend to see if we can put something together.

I finally got around to tweaking my preferences for; one of the features is a local concert calendar. Check out the three choices it highlighted for next month:

Taylor Hicks (!) @ House of Blues, NO on Wed. the 14th.

Paolo Nutini (Irish-Italian guy who sings with an Irish accent) @ Soul Kitchen, Mobile on Thursday, March 15th.

Shane & Shane (Christian singer/songwriting pair) @ St. Timothy UMC in Mandeville on Sunday, March 18th.

I wish I could attend all three. If I manage to go to one, it will be my first time to do anything majorly social since I returned home from overseas. I don't think I've even been to a movie. (What's playing, anyway?) My big day each week is grocery shopping. When did I start acting like a senior citizen?!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Please tell me why no talent posers get all the radio airtime and entertainers like this guy have to resort to youtube virals. Down with payola! Up with free enterprise!


Thursday, February 22, 2007


120x120etsy, originally uploaded by designsponge.

Not sure if I've blogged about etsy before, but it's great, so check it out. I'm working on some ideas for things to post there, and I think my sis has already started selling there.


I'm proud of my sister. She made this pincushion and uploaded the photo onto my flickr stream. This picture is now in flickr's top 500 most "interesting" photos for Feb 7th. Way to go, Sarah! Can't wait to see some more of your new craft photos!

Friday, February 16, 2007


This box belongs to Todd. He made it back in 4th grade. Can you believe he saved it all these years? I made a box that year, but I didn't keep it. I remember ripping it into a million pieces after school that day.

We had a class contest for best decorated Valentine mailbox. I worked so hard decorating mine, only to come in 2nd place to my friend Reagan. After the party, on the playground, Reagan confessed to me that her mom had made hers. I was so bummed out!

This year, on Valentine's day, I judged a school art contest. The experience made me recall that bad 4th grade memory. As I interviewed each kid, I made sure I asked all the contestants to describe exactly how they made their entries!