Wednesday, September 13, 2006


who's your idol, originally uploaded by vacationtime.

I'm headed to the airport to greet Pauline's plane! I'm so excited she's coming today! This will be her 2nd trip to my home state. I can't believe it's been almost a year since we met on eHarmony. (No, we aren't on an ad...yet).

Don't want to be late...

Monday, September 04, 2006


Sister and Brother, originally uploaded by Patrick Q.

I picked this one up at an antique's store today. Styles sure have changed a lot this century, haven't they? I wonder what their lives were like.


Been keeping up with HGTV's Design Star this season? I've caught a couple episodes. My niece asked me to help rally votes for her friend Alice; they are from the same hometown. It's down to the final two: Alice Fakier and David Bromstad. Not familiar with the show? You might want to watch Alice's bio video.

My niece was able to watch episode 4 of the show (Designers' Challenge: $10,000 Kitchen Makeover) sitting on the couch next to Alice and Alice's mom at Alice's mom's house. Even though Alice knew the outcome (of course), she wouldn't tell her mom how that episode turned out. She just sat on the sofa and let the drama play out without giving away any backstage secrets. Talk about being sworn to secrecy! That would be so hard not to tell your mom all about it.

You can vote online or via your cell phone (text B to 44881) - voting up to once per day until noon on Wednesday. Remember, your vote decides who gets the title and their own design show!