Wednesday, March 07, 2007


from behind, originally uploaded by joanna eleanor.

I got an email from emusic yesterday offering 50 free downloads. I was skeptical that I'd even be able to find 50 worth the trouble, since they don't have the same mainstream talent as iTunes. I found out that they do have lots of idie musicians and classic hits - not worth a subscription, but nice for an afternoon perusal.

I was pleasantly surprised when my search for new Christian music turned up Isa Couvertier, pictured above. I'd never heard of her, but her pure lyrics and catchy melodies make her stand out from the pack. She's the newest addition to my Christian singer/songwriter playlist. Finally, there's someone to keep Sara Groves and Matt Kearney company.

I also downloaded some songs from Enter the Worship Circle. I love that series, but every time I buy the CD's I end up giving them away. And I stumbled across the song, "Better than Life" by Julie Meyer - definitely worth the download.

Totally unrelated: The road trip was a blast. Maybe I will move to Oxford someday, or at least Pontotoc... It would be nice to live in a town where generations of my family were born and raised. Walking those streets, I loved feeling a stronger sense of history and connection with the past.