Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Let It Snow!, originally uploaded by Pink Sherbet Photography.

Temperature was a high of 80 yesterday...EIGHTY! Is it possible that global warming is not really a myth? The air-conditioner went out. A wire burned out or something. When we called maintenance, the guy didn't want to fix it because it's winter and it would violate some repair clause in the lease (Remember the high of 80 part?) I was perplexed (and also sweating... A LOT!) Here's my thought - that policy just won't cut it when my apartment is so hot that I can't get to sleep. I didn't bother to ask him, but I'll bet that the repairman's A/C was running full blast. After a few minutes of brow-beating, he finally caved and fixed the unit. I cranked the air down as far as it would go, buried myself under a couple of quilts, and dreamed of living in a place with four seasons.