Saturday, October 27, 2007




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I saw Steve Carell's new movie last night and laughed the entire time. I could relate to the character - the way he has to deal with sassy teenagers - and also to being the guy in his large family who ends up sleeping on a cot in the laundry room at family reunions because all the couples get the beds. If you haven't seen the show and need a good laugh, I recommend it.


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My transmission on the Blazer went out in late July, 2005. I fixed it and blamed the problem on the previous owner. Today it's gone out again and I'm staring down the barrel of an over $2 thousand repair bill. Should I just sell the gas guzzler and start making payments on a new one?


Sperry Topsiders have come back to the future. No longer forgotten relics from 1986, these puppies are now cutting edge fashion at the Junior High where I work. I noticed that out of all the kids wearing them in 4th period, a few of them didn't have them tied - leaving the long laces hanging free. I didn't want them tripping, so I called over one of the 6th grade girls and showed her how to make a .noose knot. That's the way everyone in my 6th grade class tied them when I was their age (twenty years ago), so I was surprised that none of the parents had passed down this little trick, now that the style has come full circle. The kids now think the knot is the coolest thing ever and are passing it along to the rest of their classmates. I never dreamed I'd become a 6th grade style setter a second time around.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Been meaning to blog since getting back from Birmingham, so I'll just cram it all into one posting. First, a rant. Not in the mood for a rant? Skip to paragraph 2. I'm now totally fed up with the lack of things to do on the Coast. While at my sister's for the 4 day weekend, I went biking on a spiffy trail and also walking at a beautiful garden. I found all kinds of cool foods at World Bazaar. And we shopped at Aldi, too. THAT'S RIGHT, Birmingham is so cool that they now have one of my favorite German groceries right there in town. Saves a lot on airfare if you suddenly crave stollen. I also got some Speculaas, vollkorn biscuits, and Bahlsen hearts. I loaded up on marzipan and bought a chocolate advent calendar, too. When I got home, I felt lousy that there's nothing that nice down here. I wish they'd stop building all these stupid condos and put in a decent bike trail someplace. I miss the one down by the boardwalk! There's nothing to do here. I want to go do something. I miss Funtime USA! I miss the bumper boats! Can't they at least build a putt putt place? What are all the vacationing kids going to do here now, spend all their time at the casino arcades? The only thing left to do is walk on the no longer pretty beach or eat at some overpriced buffet.

This afternoon, I got a little relief. Ryan's theatre department put on a show - a romantic comedy. So it got me out of the house. Thanks for that, Ryan. I especially needed a reason to go out this afternoon since my air-conditioning has been on the blink the last two days. Last night, Terry and I played Risk (to curb our boredom), but it was so hot I could barely concentrate on the game! The maintenance guy came by and put some more gas in it, so I think it's good to go now. You'd think that by late October, it would be cool enough to go without a/c, but not so in South MS.

It's 10 days until I leave for Camp with the 8th graders. We'll be in AL from Wed through late Sunday night at a Science Camp. At first I was reluctant to be a chaperone, but now I've gotten used to the idea and am starting to look forward to it. The kids are beside themselves with excitement, so that's helping me get into it. School is so busy now, I'm surprised I have time to ever get bored. I'm trying to not be a work-a-holic, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of having a social life since returning. I'm just at the point of having down time with nothing really to do. I guess I should enjoy that while it lasts. At first, work was kind of freaking me out. Junior High is more of a change from Elementary than I was expecting. But I'm getting more involved and I'm getting to know the kids better, and that's helping. I am working with the newspaper staff and the drama club. We just put the finishing touches on this year's first edition, and we'll distribute it this week. I hope we caught all the typos. In drama club, we are in the middle of casting for the winter show - a musical variation of Dickens' Christmas Carol.

The 8th graders put on their production of Hamlet on Friday. It was an OK performance, but it was hard to enjoy it because the kids in the audience were being so rude. It gave me an idea for a video short. It would be neat to have some really bad kid actors putting on Hamlet and to have the real drama in the video going on in the audience - along some of the same themes as the ones in Hamlet, but in modern terms. Maybe I'll file that idea away for later.

My brother's family will be coming over from Germany this month. I can't wait to see them! He emailed asking what kind of chocolate to bring me. I had to tell him to skip it, since I already went overboard at Aldi over here. Hopefully, he'll bring me some, anyway.

Monday, October 08, 2007


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We have fall break this week! I'm averaging the kids' grades and wrapping up the quarter today and tomorrow. I have staff development training Wednesday (the kids have a holiday that day). And then Thursday morning I'm hitting the road - headed to my sister's house. I haven't seen her family in months. I think my last visit with them was January! I can't wait to see them! I'm counting down the hours. How is it that I've lost track of time and waited this long to see them?

Sunday, October 07, 2007


I'm up really late (really early?) waiting for my nephew and his friend. They went to a concert in New Orleans and are crashing here before driving home in the morning. Looking for a way to kill the time, I'm checking youtube to catch up on the latest. The site just surprised me by turning up a gem, a young singer with the handle matthewlukesandoval. In this video, his diction and mannerisms remind me of my friend Stefan (who is celebrating his birthday this week), so I'm posting it here. Stefan is also a musician; maybe I can convince him to post a few songs.

Here's a bonus vid, thrown in for good measure