Saturday, September 29, 2007


Sea oats on Biloxi Beach, originally uploaded by ~ Sailor ~.

Today is my mama's 72nd birthday. We had the best phone conversation this morning. I was a little sad when I woke up, but by the call's end she had me laughing until my side's ached. That's my mom!

Terry, Jo, and I took the dog down to the beach this afternoon. We walked in the surf for a while. It's the third time I've been down to the water since Katrina. When I lived on the beach, I used to run the shoreline once in the morning and once at night. It's hard to go down there now, but I may start forcing myself so I can get used to seeing it the way it is now. Plus I could use the exercise. I'm shifting from post-Katrina depression eating back into a healthier lifestyle.

Before we headed out, we walked down to the end of the pier. We talked to some fishermen, and while we were there, one of the guys caught a big Red Drum. I'd never seen one before. It was about 3 feet, and, sure enough, it made a drumming noise.

Walking back down the pier, the sun and wind dried our feet and the dog's hair. Then we hopped into the car and drove up to Marble Slab. I had a Birthday Cake milkshake and only ended up taking a few sips before I trashed it. I guess my loss of appetite was a natural response to all those memories I'd just experienced of being in shape and running twice a day. That's my goal for this month - to finally start using the gym at my new apartment. And to go down to the beach more. And laugh!


I know I haven't blogged in about a hundred million years, but this clip is worth posting, so I'm breaking my streak: