Saturday, October 27, 2007




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I saw Steve Carell's new movie last night and laughed the entire time. I could relate to the character - the way he has to deal with sassy teenagers - and also to being the guy in his large family who ends up sleeping on a cot in the laundry room at family reunions because all the couples get the beds. If you haven't seen the show and need a good laugh, I recommend it.


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My transmission on the Blazer went out in late July, 2005. I fixed it and blamed the problem on the previous owner. Today it's gone out again and I'm staring down the barrel of an over $2 thousand repair bill. Should I just sell the gas guzzler and start making payments on a new one?


Sperry Topsiders have come back to the future. No longer forgotten relics from 1986, these puppies are now cutting edge fashion at the Junior High where I work. I noticed that out of all the kids wearing them in 4th period, a few of them didn't have them tied - leaving the long laces hanging free. I didn't want them tripping, so I called over one of the 6th grade girls and showed her how to make a .noose knot. That's the way everyone in my 6th grade class tied them when I was their age (twenty years ago), so I was surprised that none of the parents had passed down this little trick, now that the style has come full circle. The kids now think the knot is the coolest thing ever and are passing it along to the rest of their classmates. I never dreamed I'd become a 6th grade style setter a second time around.

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